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The following notes aim to provide choir members with some general information about our choir. New members may find this information particularly useful. Please contact your voice rep if there are any other matters you wish to discuss.

Usual Concert Dress:

All music in folders.


All black

Skirt, dress or trousers – ankle length. Top with sleeves which cover the elbow.  Jewellery as you wish. Jackets if you wish but not shawls or stoles.

Dark shoes and very small bags. Discreet use and placing of water bottles if needed.


DJs with black bow tie.

If you have any problem with the above please speak to voice reps.


We normally hire music for the duration of rehearsals for a concert and up to the concert itself. Music is issued by the librarian at the start of each term and it then becomes the responsibility of each member to look after their own copies. There is a flat rate of £3 per member per term to cover music hire which is payable to the librarian when music is issued.

Members are encouraged to mark the copies where instructed in pencil and to remove markings with a rubber when no longer needed. Post-it notes and paperclips can be used to mark pages but must be removed after the concert and prior to returning books to the librarian. All music must be returned to the librarian promptly after each concert.


Subscriptions are currently £85, which can be paid either at once in October or in two instalments of £45, payable in October and January.

Membership Subs Date due
Year Either £85 Oct
Or £45 Oct
£45 Jan


Gift Aid

Gift Aid, a scheme operated by HM Revenue and Customs for charities like SCS, allows tax to be reclaimed at the basic rate for monetary donations. This increases the value of donations at no extra cost to the donor. Under new guidelines from HMRC relating to subscriptions we can now claim back a percentage of the tax paid on membership subscriptions, that which remains after the ‘tuition’ element has been deducted. This is because there is deemed to be a certain level of tuition provided with choir membership, which would be classed as a benefit and therefore ineligible for Gift Aid.

For UK taxpayers who wish to claim Gift Aid on their subscription please speak to the Treasurer.

For further information on Gift Aid please refer to the following links:

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